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From the hottest vacation resorts, to the quiet getaways around the world, MicBergsma offers unmatched aerial real estate videography. Using industry leading drones and cameras, Mitch and his team have filmed and shot some of the most elegant and breathtaking beach resorts, coastal properties, and landscapes in the world. Specializing in commercial, residential, and private real estate properties, let us help you capture the essence of your business, home, or property with eyes only our cameras can see. Aerial real estate videography puts a whole new spin on how your customers see your property, and with our professional team of filmers, editors, and producers, we can provide aerial footage you will love. Email Lori, Mic’s assistant, at hire.micbergsma@gmail.com for inquiries.


Below are just a few examples of projects we have been a part of and worked on. We love helping our clients, and we can’t wait to work with you!

Collaborating with a local team, the following video turned out amazing!

Also working with several other videographers, this project could not have turned out any better!