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How did I get this shot??


My name is Tarzan and I climb trees.. aghh aahghh aghh aaahhh! I found my Jane paddling on the lake above the trees I live in. And the rest is history.. I got this shot by using the…

DJI Phantom flying over Bogota, Colombia


Back in February I traveled to Bogota, Columbia to assist in filming a hotel there. I got permission to fly my phantom off the top of the hotel, so I took it for a short flight over the…

Thumbscrews hurting your hand?


Are your thumbscrews hurting your hand and really tough to move when you try to tighten or unscrew your GoPro from a mount? Check out this video below, I show you what I find way easier to use!



There’s a hilarious cover band that plays 80’s hits on a regular basis in Austin, Tx. I am actually friends with one of the band members and I thought it would be cool to film them at one…

Scuba Diving in Cancun Mexico – Best Mounts/Accessories?


Hey everyone! So last summer, in August 2014, I was in Cancun Mexico for a work trip. As soon as I got a chance, I got in the ocean for a dive! Scuba diving is one of my…

How did I get this shot?!


How did I shoot this picture? Just by a GoPro? Nope. I used my newest product, and one of my favorite GoPro accessories right now, the dome port from Knekt! If I used the GoPro alone with just…

New Product in store! GoKnuckles


I have added a cool new hand held mount to the store! It’s called GoKnuckles and it is so easy to use! Check out the video below to learn more about it and how to use it: Available…

5 years anniversary


Wow 5 years using GoPro cameras and I never get tired of it! I still love using GoPro and all the mounts / accessories I have collected over 5 years. I am looking forward to the next 5 years,…

Summer Time Video!


Hey everyone, I wanted to share with you my summer time 2014 video. I have made a summer time GoPro video every year since 2010 because it’s my favorite season of the year! It could give you more…

New Products on kickstarter: Snowspike & Spinmount


Hey everyone, I have been playing with some new mounts called snowspike and spinmount designed for GoPro cameras and I really like them. I found them really helpful and easy to get many different types / angles of…


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