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Best Selfie Photo Setting on GoPro

GoPole, Uncategorized

I get a lot of questions from fans about what setting to use to get the best selfie photo. One night we were out on Fremont St. in Las Vegas and I saw a girl trying to get…

Night Paddling with Nocqua lights


A group of my friends and I went down to do some night stand up paddling on the San Marcos river . We were testing out the Nocqua lights on the boards. Mounts / Accessories I used in…

Time Lapse Calculator


Hey everyone, here’s the calculator you can use to figure out what you need for a time-lapse video! Enjoy!

GoPro mounted on Glidecam with DSLR


When I use my DSLR on the glidecam, I always wish that I can use my GoPro at the same time, this solution works perfect: I use Glidecam HD4000 for my DSLR, I use GoPro on HD2000, and…

Flying Safety Tips with DJI Phantom quadcopters


If you are new to flying the DJI Phantom quadcopter – I recommend to watch this video! Click here to buy a phantom!

Zinked Case


I have two and really like them. I don’t have to worry about the camera and accessories moving around too much and breaking. The case keeps everything steady inside! Click on the case photo – great deal!

Do you want to get true underwater color video?

Snake River Prototyping

Red and magenta filters are a must for underwater, if you want to get true colors. If you film without a filter, everything will be blue… Magenta (pink) filter is for fresh water.  The first video below will…

I trust Big Kahuna Leash for my GoPro!

Big Kahuna Leashes

I want to show you my videos about Big Kahuna Leashes and show you why I trust them! If I didn’t use BK’s leashes I would have lost four GoPro cameras in the past two years! Yikes! They…

BlurFix Air is here!

Snake River Prototyping

Awesome new filters By BlurFix Air are out now to get beautiful ariel videos and pictures! I will have a comparison video coming out soon! Click on the video below to watch!


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