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Category - Snake River Prototyping

New GoPro Hero5 Accessories!

Snake River Prototyping

New GoPro Hero5 Accessories in store!  Hey everyone! Exciting news.. We now have adapters for GoPro Hero5 cameras in stock!! Our friends over at Snake River Prototyping (SRP) have made some great new accessories for the new GoPro…

What’s the secret to beautiful aerial footage?

Snake River Prototyping, Uncategorized

What is the secret to making your aerial footage looking pro?  Polarizer and ND Filters !!!  Doesn’t matter if I’m using my quadcopter with a GoPro attached like my P2 or my P3 with DJI’s own camera.. I…

Do you want to get true underwater color video?

Snake River Prototyping

Red and magenta filters are a must for underwater, if you want to get true colors. If you film without a filter, everything will be blue… Magenta (pink) filter is for fresh water.  The first video below will…

BlurFix Air is here!

Snake River Prototyping

Awesome new filters By BlurFix Air are out now to get beautiful ariel videos and pictures! I will have a comparison video coming out soon! Click on the video below to watch!


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