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Help me create more videos!


Help me create more videos! Become my Patron!  Howdy everyone! I’ve got some exciting and awesome news! I just joined Patreon! In case you’re wondering, Patreon is a simple way for you to contribute to the creation of…

GoPro Karma is baaaack!


GoPro Karma is back!! Hey everyone! Great news! GoPro Karma is back after the battery recall! If you didn’t already know, GoPro Karma was launched late last year.  And unfortunately, there was a set back with the new quadcopter.…

Instagram Stoke!


Hey everyone! We just wanted to let you know we have created a new Instagram account solely for the purpose of featuring gear from our site and the amazing content you can create by using them! We also…

To Gimbal or not to Gimbal?


Hey guys! We know that Gimbals are a hot item and we get a ton of emails and comments from fans asking about different ones. So, we thought we would just give a quick run down of why…



Need some new excitement in your GoPro mount/accessory collection? We got you covered! NEW PRODUCTS ADDED TO THE STORE! Check them out and see what they are all about below! Review videos are coming soon! Flow-Mow TimeLapse Mount …

GoPro: Hero5 and Karma – Day on Lake Tahoe!


The day after GoPro Launch on Sept 19… There were 9 different groups with 4-5 people each doing different activities competing for best video showing the new Hero5 features.  There were many different adventures like skydiving, bmx park, trampoline…

What is MT?


You have probably been seeing my posts about MT or Modern Technocracy on social media lately. What is Modern Technocracy? MT is going to be the next big thing for professional camera accessories and mounts. I am stoked…

The story behind Mic’s GoPro Summertime videos


Hey everyone! Hope ya’ll are having a great weekend so far! I recently posted my annual GoPro Summertime 2015 video! And with reading the comments, I realized a lot of my fans are new to my channel, which…

New Products! Yeah!


Just when you thought you had it all .. I added four brand new products to the store! GoPole Dualcam Adapter – use two GoPro’s at once! Check it out here: GoPole Universal Adapter – Use your GoPro…



Hey guys! If you are a long time follower of my channel, you know I did a review on the Spinmount & Snowspike mounts almost a year ago. And when I did this review it was a preview…


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