GoPro Karma is back!!

Hey everyone! Great news! GoPro Karma is back after the battery recall! If you didn’t already know, GoPro Karma was launched late last year.  And unfortunately, there was a set back with the new quadcopter. A few instances of some units experiencing power loss during mid flight were reported from pilots. Of course, it was an unfortunate occurence for GoPro and their new quadcopters to have to recall all units and fix the problem so soon after their launch.  But hey, it’s part of the process of creating a new product right?!  You learn how to improve and come back more knowledgable and better! And it shows how seriously GoPro takes safety. So now with the new units that are launched, there is a small change. GoPro has redesigned the battery latch on the Karma, making a big difference!

I have already posted a few videos about the GoPro Karma (unboxing, how to set up and fly, and more!) on my YouTube channel, but if you haven’t seen them yet.. check them out below!

If you are interested in purchasing a Karma, check them out here:

Time to get your dronies on!