Hey everyone!

We just wanted to let you know we have created a new Instagram account solely for the purpose of featuring gear from our site and the amazing content you can create by using them! We also want to feature YOUR pictures that you have created using our products!! We want to see your pics!! So please remember to tag us at @micbergsma.tv or #micbergsmatv

And don’t worry, Mic still has his own account @MicBergsma where you can see even more rad pictures and follow along with his travels!

And we got more!! We have so many other associated Instagram accounts.. Something for everyone!

If want to follow our journey of restoring our 1967 VW Split Window Bus .. check out Kona here: @kona_the_bus.

If you are into scooters or two wheels, one of Mic’s other passions, he has an account featuring all things scooters: @mitchsscooterstuff

Also, check out Mitch’s wife Lori’s account for amazing photos and to follow along with their adventures: @lorimicbergsma

Heres the recap:


See you on Instagram! 🙂