Need some new excitement in your GoPro mount/accessory collection? We got you covered! NEW PRODUCTS ADDED TO THE STORE! Check them out and see what they are all about below! Review videos are coming soon!

Flow-Mow TimeLapse Mount 

The scoop: Panning Time Lapse Mount. Comes in two different versions; max time of 2 hours or 12 hours. Added plus.. no  batteries required!

Learn more and get one  here:

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Knekt Filters For Dome 

The Scoop: This filter set is the first and only dive filter system on the market that allows you to take advantage of professional underwater color correction with the KNEKT Dome Port.

Learn more and get them here:

Dome and filtersWEB3+filters

Knekt Dive Filter Kit

The Scoop: The same filters for use for the Knekt Dome, but also can be used with the filter holder provided on just the GoPro standard case!

Learn more and get your kit here:


Knekt Tripod Adapter

The Scoop: provides a rock solid interface between your GoPro and any 1/4-20 threaded connection. Threads are built right into the interface and it works with the stock GoPro screw, GoPole Hi-torque screws, and the custom KNEKT Long Screw.

Learn more and get yours here:


Knekt 47mm Screw

The Scoop: machined from marine grade aluminum and stainless steel the Knekt thumb screw is durable and super light. It is a compatible replacement for your original GoPro screws. To our knowledge it is the longest GoPro screw you can buy, measuring at an extra long length of 47mm! Great for use with the Dome and Trigger!

Learn more and buy here: