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Phantom 3 / 4 Series – ND16 / Polarizer

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The P3 / P4 Series ND16/CP Filter combines a lightweight slip-over filter frame for the DJI Phantom 3 / 4 camera with a professional grade two-in-one filter. The ND16/CP is a combination circular polarizer and neutral density 16 (ND16 = ND1.2, 4.8 – 5.5 stops depending on orientation of the CP) filter. A CP filter is used to reduce glare on the surface of water or windows, manage reflections, and increase the contrast between clouds and sky. A neutral density filter is used to reduce the effects of rolling shutter including the jello effect and prop blur. Filter weight is only 7.5g!

Each P3 / P4 Series Filter is made from two CNC machined Delrin® pieces so that the filter frame can be disassembled to facilitate easy cleaning of the filter glass. Delrin, which is more costly than billet aluminum by volume, was selected because of its high quality and excellent machining qualities.

The Phantom 3 / 4 camera lens body can vary slightly from camera to camera. To insure a secure fit, each P3 /P4 Series filter includes an o-ring on the inside diameter of the filter which will accommodate small variations in camera lens diameter.

P3 / P4 Series ND16/CP Filter – What’s in the Box:

-P3 / P4 Series ND16/CP Filter
-Storage case
-Microfiber cleaning patch

Note: Refer to the gimbal manufacturer about safely using our products with your specific gimbal make and model. Not all gimbals can safely support the extra weight. Counterbalancing the filter weight is recommended. SRP will NOT be liable for gimbal damage.

Weight .625 oz
Dimensions 3 x 4 x 1 in

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