Hey everyone! Hope ya’ll are having a great weekend so far!

I recently posted my annual GoPro Summertime 2015 video! And with reading the comments, I realized a lot of my fans are new to my channel, which is awesome news! But, I also realized they may not know the history behind these videos and some of my older fans may not as well.

My first ever GoPro Summertime video I posted was back in 2010!! I had such a fun summer and had such great footage capturing it with my GoPro, I thought why not share it! And that is how the annual summer time video was started. All summertime videos are shot 100% on GoPro that is why the videos always say ‘GoPro Summertime.’  And the intro you see on the summer time videos was an intro I made and used back in 2011! A lot of people think it is a new intro, but nope, it is just tradition that I bring back the intro. for the summertime video only. People really get a kick out of it.

In 2013, when I met Lori (my fiancee), she became involved big time with being a main part in the video, but also behind the scenes as well. She picks the music for the videos and also spends many hours helping me to edit all the scenes to the music and helping pick what scenes are included or not. It’s a project we take on as a team.

The summertime video, is our most challenging but yet rewarding project we work on throughout the year. We spend many weeks selecting footage, finding the right music, and then putting it altogether to be in sync with the music and make it fun and inspiring to watch.

So there you have it! The history of my summertime videos! I dare you to go back and watch them all if you haven’t already. It’s really interesting to see the progression in my filming and editing skills throughout the years.

But for now.. here’s the Summertime 2015 video if  you haven’t seen already.. turn up the music and enjoy! 🙂

Mic & Lori