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unnamed-3Mitch aka MicBergsma – Videographer Austin, TX.

Mitch Bergsma, deaf since birth, grew up on a dairy farm in Lynden, Washington where he played hockey extensively in his youth across the Canadian border.  Mitch started wakeboarding in 1998 and in 2003  he moved to Colorado where he started competing.  From there, he moved to Florida to continue practicing his skill and get to the next level of competing. Over the summer of 2004 while traveling around the country, he was asked to teach a kids wakeboard church camp in Texas, where he fell in love with Austin. Two months later he came back to Austin to visit, when four hurricanes hit the gulf of Mexico and Florida leaving him stuck in Austin for two months and then just decided to stay. He won his first pro competition 2006 in Texas.
Mitch first opened an account on YouTube in 2006 for fun. In late 2009 he  started posting scooter tutorial videos after a friend asked him how to work on a scooter. He found that he genuinely liked to help people make life easier by sharing his knowledge.  He bought his first GoPro in May 2010 and fell in love with it. And after one of his YouTube fans suggested he should do GoPro tips like his scooter tutorial videos, his GoPro tips were born.
Mitch has earned global industry respect as a teacher, videographer, producer and director, along with a high recognition for his magical editing skills.  He is an avid scooter collector, scuba diver, stand-up paddle board enthusiast, wakeboarder, and hockey player. He is currently a leading videographer Austin residents LOVE!

unnamed-2 Lori – The “behind the scenes” expert

Lori Bergsma is Mitch’s wife, Business Manager, and Production Assistant. She helps in variety of tasks. She aids in business correspondence, social media management, video production and editing, music selection for videos, and an interpreter when Mitch travels for work. And most importantly, she helps to keep things organized and running smoothly so Mitch can crank out those awesome videos!

One of the best in his field, Mitch is always looking to help others perfect the craft of filming. For the best videographer Austin has to offer, look to the team at MicBergsma for all the tips, tricks, tutorials, and videography services Austin TX.